Our Expertise- Direct Response Copywriting

Each day, consumers are bombarded by thousands of sales messages. Therefore, you must have a truly unique message to stand out.

At DRC, we produce copywriting that delivers results. We are experts at writing content that converts readers…into customers.

Direct response copy is more than just sales pages, emails, and scripts. DRC blog posts act as effective advertising mechanisms. Our blog posts are written with the customer in mind. We spend hours on research and write engaging blog posts that grab your readers attention.

Webinars are revolutionizing the entire sales industry, with a webinar you now have the ability to spread your message to hundreds if not thousands of people instantly. We specialize in creating custom turnkey webinars for our clients. We handle everything from script writing to design.

Webinar Script Design

Most companies underestimate the power of effectively written sales emails. Having sent out over 750,000,000 emails, we have the data and experience to know what gets recipients to open emails and take action. Most businesses are not effectively marketing to their email lists. DRC can help unlock this treasure chest.

Email Sales Copywriting
Ad copywriting

Need a killer Facebook ad or a high converting Adwords ad? Our master copywriters specialize in writing content that converts. We’ve written copy for multi-million dollar ad campaigns and understand what converts.

A video sales letter or (VSL) is one of the most powerful sales tools available. VSL’s allow you to tell a powerful story that taps into the imagination of your audience while controlling your message. The combination of storytelling with video has proven to convert higher than any other form of advertising.

VSL copywriting
website copywriting

Landing pages and sales pages are the focal points of any online marketing campaign. We write copy that captivates your audience and moves readers to take action.

Our Copywriting Delivers Results

We take pride in our results based approach. By identifying your target audience, we produce researched copy that satisfies your customer’s needs. If you’re looking for content that turns prospects into customers, DRC has got you covered.

Authority Blog Posts = 87% Increase In Organic Traffic

  • Previous Year
  • After Hiring DRC

This client engaged with DRC to help them write evergreen blog posts.

DRC took over the companies blogging and wrote long-form, researched blog post’s on a regular basis.

Using keywords and in-depth research, we were able to create highly engaging, long-form posts (2,000-8,000 words) to reach their target audience.

DRC delivered an 87% increase in organic visitors.

Sales Page & Email Rewrite = 68% Open Rate 

  • 68% Open Rate
  • 42% Click-Through Rate

The client hired DRC to rewrite their email sales letter and landing page copy for a marketing course launch.

DRC crafted a powerful email headline and reinvigorated sales copy, highlighting the clients USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

DRC delivered a 68% open rate and a 42% click-through rate.

AB Split Test = 32% Conversion Rate 

  • DRC Results
  • Results Before DRC

This client wanted to test results using an AB split/test.

After 400,000 visitors, DRC’s work increased conversions by over 15%.

Page A was the client’s copy. Prior to hiring DRC, their copy converted at 17%.

Page B included DRC’s new copy and design suggestions. DRC’s copy converted at 32%.


We don’t just whip up boring content. We spend significant time researching your audience and market to create truly unique content that grabs your readers attention.


We take a results-based approach to writing. We analyze what is working in your space and rely on data to draft copy that will get readers to take action.

Make it Persuasive

The key to great copy is effectively using the art of persuasion. Our master copywriters have spent years in this industry. No one understands how to write persuasive copy like we do.


Information on what’s working and what’s not!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee